Learning a new language is basically a rollercoaster of emotions, discoveries and frustrations. No matter what language you have chosen upon, certain things are just bound to happen.

How many of these things do you recognize?

1. You get super excited when you see your target language somewhere

2. And you try to eavesdrop the conversation

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3. Sometimes you understand the words, but not what they are actually saying

4. And sometimes you understand what they are saying
without understanding the words

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5. You get low-key jealous when you see someone else who already speaks the language fluently

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6. You hate it when you try to speak the language and people reply in English

7. You do a kind of okay job when talking to someone one-on-one

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8. But as soon as you are in a group conversation between natives you are lost

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9. But at least you can impress your monolingual friends
with your newly acquired skills

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10. And you feel like a superhero when your limited skills
are finally needed somewhere

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11. You feel even better when you start dreaming in your target language

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12. And through all the ups and downs, you realize learning a language
is a never-ending battle

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