Duolingo has become a synonym for learning a new language, and for a good reason. It’s fun, it’s free and their mascot is a bird that you can dress. However, every single time I start learning a new language on Duolingo I kind of go through the same 7 stages.

1. Excitement

“This is so easy and fun, and if I just do this 5 minutes a day I will be fluent in like 4 weeks”

golden globes it's so much fun GIF by Entertainment Tonight

2. Feeling of Accomplishment

Because don’t you low-key feel like a superhero when you are learning a new language?

3. Sadness

When you miss one day of your ongoing streak

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4. Confusion

Because none of the sentences you are learning make any sense.
My brain tells me it says “I am the cheese”, but the other part of my brain tells me that’s not a real sentence in any language.

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5. Disappointment

You meet a native and realize they don’t say things like “I’m washing the holy potato”

are you serious barack obama GIF by Obama

6. More confusion

When you hit 100% fluency but you are still not fluent

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7. Acceptance

That Duolingo is just the start of your language learning journey

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All jokes aside, we love you Duolingo and we thank you for offering us free, playful tools to learn a new language <3 

What stages are still missing according to you?