How To Say Dude In 30 Different Countries


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Please note that this is a list with different languages and countries. Some words may be used universally across different countries that speak the same languages, some might differ from region to region. 

Algeria – “Kho

Argentina – “Chabon” , “Flaco” (Skinny)

Austria – “Oida”

Azeri – “Qardaş”

Britain – “Mate”

Chile – “Weon”

Colombia – “Parcero”, “Man”

Costa Rica – “Mae”

Dutch – “Gast” (Guest)

Finnish – “Jätkä”

French – “Mec”

Hindi – “यार – हिंदी” [yaar]

Iceland – “Gaur”

Iran – “Dash”, “Dadash”

Italy – “Amico”, “Bello”, “Fra”

Lithuania – “Biče”

Maltese – “Xbin” [shbeen]

Mexico – “Wey”, “Vato”, “Loco” (Crazy), “Plebe”

Norwegian – “Kar” or “Fyr”

Panama – “Man”

Poland – “Gość” (Guest)

Portuguese – “Cara”, “Velho”, “Parceiro”, “Vei”, “Mano”

Punjabi – “Sangi”

Russia – “чувак”, “братан”

Serbia – “Brate”

Spain – “Tio” (Uncle)

Tamil – “Machan”

Turkish – “Ahbap”, “Dostum”

Ukrain – “чувак”

United States of America – “Bro”, “Dude”, “Homie”

Urdu – “Dost”

Vietnam – ” Bạn”



(literal translation)


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