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Who are we

The Foreign Language Collective was born out of a lack of sleep and an overload of enthusiasm for foreign languages.

What started out as a simple Facebook page quickly turned into a full-sized blog with interesting articles and our own language learning materials.

Almost 2 years later and we have gathered over 200,000 followers on Facebook, and thousands of monthly visitors to our blog.

We have created a Facebook community, organized meet-ups, created the 400 Word Survival guide in over 20+ languages, and written over 100 articles related to foreign languages.


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While this is all fantastic, there is unfortunately a limit to the amount of time and money we can sacrifice to keep it going.

This is why we have decided to create a Patreon so you can support us financially while we can keep creating awesome language related content for you.

We find it important to know what you actually like, and as a Patron you will become part of our inner-circle and get a big vote in what content will be created next.

All of our new content will either be available for free for everybody, thanks to your financial support, or exclusively available to our Patreon supporters. 

We get to keep on doing what we do, and you get to reap all the benefits, including a free welcome gift!

Support Levels

These are the three main support levels we have on our Patreon right now.

Level 1 - Alien€2 per month

Your support is out of this world. One thing is for sure - you can always land in my back yard!

But let's not get carried away..

You get:
- A Welcome Gift worth€9.90
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- A lot of love

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Are you even real?

You are one magical creature! If only there were more like you.

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- Free access to our paid courses
- A overload of love

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