An exciting, nontraditional approach to language learning with the easy, relaxed appeal of an audio-only product. No books. No rote memorisation. No chance of failure.

This download contains the entire course:

Part one: language ground rules; the use of the past tense; numbers; essential vocabulary to use when booking into a hotel, taking a taxi, and eating out

Part two: asking for directions, verb revision, travelling by bus and train, introducing and talking about yourself

Part three: useful phrases when shopping, vocabulary for conversing with a pharmacist or doctor, practice and revision, the future tense

Course review: the course review offers a very useful opportunity to revise the full course and practice what you have learnt

A native-speaking Spanish expert helps you to perfect your pronunciation. Learn over 6,000 words in no time at all, and learn how to make your new vocabulary work for you. A downloadable booklet is also included to use as a reference and revision tool.



This is the most enjoyable and easiest way to learn Spanish. I wish the course was longer!


I feel like I have trying to learn Spanish for a lifetime and have listened to many audiobooks.this one drill you without the boring vocab sessions. Honestly, I have learned more from this book than self-study and rosetta stone.

ALso available for intermediate and advanced learners

You can claim this book + another book of choice for free with your audible trial.

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