An exciting, nontraditional approach to language learning with the easy, relaxed appeal of an audio-only product. No books. No rote memorisation. No chance of failure.

This download contains the entire course:

Part one: language ground rules, asking questions, introduction to verbs, at the hotel

Part two: numbers, eating out, asking for directions, at the train station

Part three: taking a train, time phrases, the past tense, a brief encounter

Course review: offers a very useful opportunity to revise the full course and practise what you have learnt.

A native-speaking German expert helps you to perfect your pronunciation. Learn over 6,000 words in no time at all, and learn how to make your new vocabulary work for you. A downloadable booklet is also included to use as a reference and revision tool.



I have studied a number of different German language programs in the past. This is one of the clearest no six synced and fastest way to learn conversational German. Start your German learning program here. Highly recommended.


I have tried memrise, rosetta stone, and several other ways for learning German. All have some positives, but I found Paul Noble’s approach to be the best for me. I am middle-aged and though I love the immersive experiences the others have, sometimes I just need somebody to explain why instead of waiting for me to figure out the pattern. He explains “rules” like you were used to in grammar class growing up and the gives you a lot of practice in practical, but non-boring ways. Plus you gotta love his British accent. He is very encouraging too….

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