Finland has a word for getting drunk at home in your underwear

.. and it’s everything we have ever needed. 

Have you ever done something and thought “I am sure there is a some foreign word that describes this exact thing, and if there isn’t there should be”.

We know about “hygge”, we know about “lagom”, and they might describe our lives as we picture them. But where are all the Scandinavian words that describe the reality of our lazy lives?

Well, Finland is slowly filling that gap of words that should have existed since the dawn of time. The word is “kalsarikännit” and it may seem like a mouthful, but it will be worth remembering.

It generally translates to “getting drunk in your underwear”, or more specifically “getting drunk alone at home in your underwear with no intention of going out”.

That last part may be implied, as I rarely get drunk alone in my underwear with the intention of getting out, but having that whole phrase said together makes you wonder how many other there are out there.

It’s one of those words that is comforting because if it’s a word, it means it’s a thing, and if it’s a thing – it’s okay to do it. That’s how this world works.

People on Twitter are also enthusiastic.



So, if your friends ask to describe what you are going to do during your weekend in one word, now you can. You are welcome ( I am hereby accepting ‘thanks’ in the name of the country of Finland)



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