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9 Common Job Interview Mistakes

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Mistakes in job interviews can be costly. In fact, in some cases they can be the difference between getting a job and being rejected.

There are certain questions that you should avoid and little trick to remember but if you are aware of the most common job interview mistakes then you should have at least something of an advantage over the competition.The truth is that there is a filter hanging over every interview; your potential employer or colleague may understand something different from what you had planned to convey.

So beware: anything you say can and will be taken down and used in evidence against you.


9 Common Job Interview Mistakes:


What you say: “I’m sorry I’m late”

What the interviewer hears: “I haven’t thought about the value of your time”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “My biggest flaw is that I’m a perfectionist”

What the interviewer hears:  “None of my real flaws have that positive spin you’re looking for, so I’ve reverted to clichés”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “I didn’t get on very well with my last boss”

What the interviewer hears:  “I’m not easy to work with, and I talk badly about my colleagues behind their backs”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “I don’t have any particular weaknesses I can think of”

What the interviewer hears:  “I have not bothered to prepare for this common question, I’m not good at thinking on my feet, and I haven’t thought critically about myself before”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “How much holiday time do we get?”

What the interviewer hears:  “I’m already looking forward to not being at this job that you haven’t given me yet”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “I’m a people person”

What the interviewer hears:  “I am relying on my social skills to land me this position” / “My ‘people skills’ are not self-evident enough for this to go without saying”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “Something about myself? I’m an Aries and I have a tattoo of my mum’s name on my arm.”

What the interviewer hears:  “I don’t understand boundaries or what the interviewer is looking for”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “What does the role entail?”

What the interviewer hears:  “I didn’t read the job offer fully, or research the company further”

A Common Job Interview Mistake



What you say:  “I don’t have any questions”

What the interviewer hears:  “I am going to write to you later this afternoon to ask the questions I forgot to prepare”

A Common Job Interview Mistake

All of the above are common job interview mistakes that can be easily avoided with preparation!

Always be aware of what you believe the recruiter is looking for and how you can show that you fit that role.

Everything else is a matter of logic! Put yourself in the shoes of the employer to see how your words could be interpreted so that you don’t end up disappointed!

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