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We have created a list of the 400 most used words, verbs and phrases. 

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Language learning made clear

Not everything they teach you in language courses is useful for direct communication. Before you know it you'll find yourself being able to say "Sorry, I'm an appel" and "My dog feeds 7 elephants" before you can ask someone "What's up?"

That's what we are trying to change.


We have made a list of the absolute basics, so you won't be wasting your time on words you will never use.

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That's right. You can download any of the guides that we have created free of charge.

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We have combined all of the most used words, phrases and verbs into one document. This way you can get down the absolute basics before you continue onto the more complicated stuff.

Each download of a list goes through Gumroad. This means you can always access your downloads, and you can make sure you have all of your materials in one place. 

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